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Quiñenco S.A. has a Crime Prevention Model in accordance with the provisions of Law 20.393, relating to the crimes of Bribery, Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing, Handling Stolen Property, Incompatible Negotiation, Bribery among Private Parties, Unfair Administration and Misappropriation. In accordance with the regulations for the prevention of these crimes, reports can be filed using the form on this website or in writing, delivered either directly to the Company's offices, to the attention of the Crime Prevention Officer, or by email to In either case, complaints may be made anonymously.

There are no formalities for complaints and priority will be given to ensuring that they can be submitted quickly and are made in earnest. They may be submitted at any time either by e-mail or delivered in writing to the Crime Prevention Officer at the Company’s offices. To ensure a complaint is made in earnest, wherever possible it must include a brief description of the activities and events reported and suspected, the date and place of occurrence, the name of the possible parties involved and any other information held by the claimant that is useful for the Crime Prevention Officer. The Crime Prevention Officer may not consider complaints that do not meet the conditions of earnestness established in the Regulations.

For Inmobiliaria Norte Verde S.A., complaints can be made using the form provided on this website or can be sent directly to the company's offices, to the attention of the Crime Prevention Officer, or by email to

Quiñenco S.A. also has a Code of Conduct, which outlines the principles and rules that regulate the behavior of everyone who works for the Company. This code formalizes Quiñenco S.A.'s position on relevant core business aspects so that they are known, valued and respected by all employees.

In order to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct, Quiñenco S.A. has established a channel for reporting violations of the Code of Conduct, which can be submitted using the form on this site and can also be anonymous.
Criminal Complaints (Law 20.393) Code of Conduct Complaints