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The Directors' Committee, as defined and regulated by the Corporations Act (Law 18,046), must have three members, the majority of whom must be independent. The Company's Directors' Committee is currently composed of Ignacio Guerrero (chairman), Juan Carlos Jobet and Hernán Büchi. The Director’s Committee meets to: 1) Examine the reports of the external auditors, the balance sheet and other financial statements submitted by the corporation's administrators or liquidators to the shareholders, and express an opinion on such documents prior to submitting them to the shareholders for approval; 2) Propose to the Board of Directors the names of the external auditors and private risk rating agencies, if any, to be suggested at the respective shareholders' meeting. 3) Examine the background information regarding the transactions referred to in Title XVI of the Law 18,046 and issue a report on such transactions; 4) Propose to the Board a general policy for handling conflicts of interest, and express its opinion on the policies established pursuant to the second paragraph of Article 147; 5) Examine the remuneration systems and compensation plans for managers, chief executives and employees of the corporation; 6) Prepare an annual report on its management, including its main recommendations to the shareholders; 7) Report to the Board on its performance, including its main recommendations to the shareholders; and, 8) Make recommendations to the Board regarding the hiring of the external audit firm to provide services that are not part of the external audit, when such services are not prohibited in accordance with the provisions of Article 242 of Law No. 18,045, considering whether the nature of those services may generate a risk of loss of independence.