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Logo Grupo Quiñenco S.A.


Quiñenco S.A., RUT 91.705.000-7, is an open stock company organized in 1957 under Chilean law. In accordance with its by-laws, the company's purpose is to carry out investment activities within the country's regulatory and taxation framework. Quiñenco's shares are traded on the Chilean stock exchanges.

Quiñenco's corporate governance practices are carried out in accordance with Law 18,046 on Open Stock Companies, the Open Stock Companies Regulations, Law 18,045 of the Securities Market, the regulations of the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance (SVS) and the company's by-laws. Quiñenco has adopted a code of ethics for all of its executives and employees which is aimed at promoting honest and ethical behavior and which seeks to avoid conflicts of interest of any kind in order to ensure adequate disclosure of financial information and compliance with laws and regulations.

Quiñenco is committed to keeping its investors informed about its activities, and it complies with all the ethical and legal standards on information disclosure.

The Board of Directors

Quiñenco is governed by a Board of Directors, which in accordance with the company's by-laws, is made up of eight directors elected at the company's Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting. At the meeting held on April 30, 2014, the current Board was elected for a three-year term. The Board meets at least once a month on pre-established dates; extraordinary meetings are summoned by the Chairman of the Board or requested by the absolute majority of the Board.

The Board of Directors represents the interests of all shareholders and is committed to achieving sustained growth of the value of the company. Its main functions are to establish Quiñenco's strategic direction, its objectives and financial policies, as well as provide the necessary resources to allow management to accomplish its goals.