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  • The scholarship, which is part of the program from the Luksic Scholars Foundation, covers full tuition and living costs during the five-year academic program.


Santiago, September 23, 2020.- Andreas Guillén Meza, a 19-year-old Chilean man and 2019 graduate of Chile’s Instituto Nacional, is already in France to begin studying social sciences at the university Sciences Po. He is a beneficiary of the “Sciences Po Quiñenco Scholarship for Chile” program, one of several initiatives from the Luksic Scholars Foundation, which enables a Chilean high-school graduate to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees at the prestigious institution.

Guillén arrived in France on September 10th, where he is currently attending in-person and online classes at the Euro-Latin American campus in the city of Poitiers, located an hour and a half from Paris. The program is structured into three years of undergraduate instruction, with two years at that campus and one abroad, followed by a two-year graduate (masters) program at the student’s choice of one of the university’s seven specialty schools in Paris.

The young Chilean was chosen for the scholarship by Sciences Po, following a university and scholarship application and selection process conducted exclusively by the school without any involvement whatsoever from Quiñenco.

As for his expectations regarding the program he just started, Andreas Guillén commented that “this experience will give me vast tools and knowledge to be able to address political, social and cultural concerns that I will analyze in my academic, professional and personal life; creating better public policies or thoroughly analyzing modern-day issues are opportunities in which I would definitely like to participate.”

The CEO of Quiñenco, Francisco Pérez Mackenna, wished Andreas Guillén the best of luck on this new path. “Promoting culture, professional formation and cultural exchange is crucial for new generations to be able to respond to today’s challenges. As a Chilean company with investments in France for some time now, we are very proud to be able to support Andreas along this path, which he has forged on his own merits by being admitted to such a world-class university,” he affirmed.

About Sciences Po

Founded in 1872, Sciences Po is an international research university, both selective and open to the world, ranked among the finest institutions in the fields of humanities and social sciences. According to the prestigious QS 2021 ranking, it ranks second in the world in political science and over 40% of its student body is foreign, including undergraduate and graduate scholars.

With almost 600 Latin American students enrolled in its multiple programs, agreements with 48 universities in the region, 6 dual degrees or joint programs with Latin American universities and a specific campus dedicated to Latin America, Sciences Po is one of the leading European universities in the study of Latin American social sciences.

The university has more than 80,000 alumni, several of which have held prominent public leadership positions such as heads of state, high-ranking officials in international organizations, politicians, business owners and writers. Chile’s current Finance Minister, Ignacio Briones, is part of this select group.


Quiñenco is one of the largest, most diversified corporate conglomerates in Chile. It owns interests in leading companies in the financial, beverage, manufacturing, energy, transport and port services industries, which together employ over 68 thousand people in Chile and abroad.  More information is available at