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Quiñenco S.A. has a Crime Prevention Model in accordance with the provisions of Law 20,393, relating to the crimes of Bribery, Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism, Reception, Incompatible Negotiation, Bribery between Private Parties, Unfair Administration and Misappropriation. In accordance with the procedure established in the Crime Prevention Regulation, complaints can be made in writing, directly to the Company's offices, attention to the Prevention Officer or to the email and in any case they can also be anonymous.

There will be no formalities in the complaint and it will be privileged that they can be delivered quickly and are serious. In order to be delivered quickly, they will be sent by email or in writing to the offices of the Prevention Manager at the Company, at any time and during the operating hours of the Company's offices. To ensure its seriousness, they must include a brief description of the activities and facts reported and suspected, the day and place of the occurrence, the name of the possible parties and/or parties and all other information that is in the possession of the complainant and that is of useful for the Prevention Manager. The Prevention Manager may not consider complaints that do not meet the seriousness conditions established in the Regulations.

In relation to Inmobiliaria Norte Verde S.A., direct complaints directly to the offices of this company, attention Prevention Manager or to the email< /a>
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