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  •  The company accepted the resignation of Carolina García de la Huerta. After nearly six years as Corporate Affairs and Communications Officer, she is taking on new roles as an advisor to Quiñenco’s board and director of the Luksic Foundation.
  • The company’s current Director of Public Affairs, Mauricio Lob, was appointed to lead the new Corporate Affairs and Social Management Department, which will house the areas of public affairs, communications, labor relations and organizational development. The department is responsible for managing and building the company’s relations with its diverse stakeholders from an integral perspective.


Santiago, December 13, 2019.- After six years in charge of Quiñenco’s Corporate Affairs and Communications Department and an outstanding track record as an advisor to various companies within the Luksic Group, the journalist Carolina García de la Huerta presented her resignation to take on new roles as an advisor to the company’s board and director of the Luksic Foundation.

The CEO of Quiñenco, Francisco Pérez Mackenna, was especially appreciative of “Carolina García de la Huerta’s effort and dedication to successfully shape and lead the department created in 2014 to address major corporate challenges.”

Likewise, he communicated that Quiñenco decided to restructure the areas that are currently in charge of the company’s relations with its diverse stakeholders, creating the Corporate Affairs and Social Management Department. In a context of change and new priorities in Chile, this department will bring together the areas of corporate affairs, communications, labor relations and organizational development and will work in coordination with the Sustainability Department to ensure good practices at the holding and among group companies and to build mutually beneficial bonds with its employees and society.

Mauricio Lob will take on the new position of Corporate Affairs and Social Management Officer. He joined Quiñenco in 2014, together with Carolina García de la Huerta, and was in charge of public affairs for the company. He has a degree in journalism from Universidad Diego Portales and graduate studies in digital marketing from Universidad Católica de Chile.

Before joining Quiñenco, he was the director of the Communications Secretariat for the Chilean government (2010-2013), undersecretary for the Ministry General Secretariat of Government (2013-2014), and he has broad experience in communication media, where he worked as a general assistant editor and coordinator for politics and special reports for La Tercera.

Francisco Pérez Mackenna explained that this new structure emerged from “the conviction that companies’ social responsibility is fulfilled not only by maximizing the value of its contributors but also by serving all audiences, taking initiative and managing its stakeholders, thinking about shareholders and also communities, workers, consumers, suppliers, the environment and society as a whole.”


Quiñenco is one of the largest, most diversified corporate conglomerates in Chile, with approximately US$62.9 billion in consolidated assets. It owns interests in leading companies in the financial, beverage, manufacturing, energy, transportation and port services industries, which together employ over 69 thousand people in Chile and abroad.