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October 7, 2003 – Santiago, Chile.

Quiñenco S.A. (LQ:NYSE) announced that on October 16, 2003, it will host “Quiñenco Group Day at the New York Stock Exchange”. The event will feature presentations from several group companies including:

. Quiñenco S.A. (NYSE: LQ) Francisco Pérez Mackenna, Chief Executive Officer

. Banco de Chile (NYSE: BCH) Pablo Granifo, Chief Executive Officer

. CCU S.A. (NYSE: CU) Patricio Jottar, Chief Executive Officer

. Madeco S.A. (NYSE:MAD) Jorge Tagle, Chief Financial Officer

. Telefónica del Sur S.A. Luis Hernán Paúl, Member of the Board of Directors of Telefónica del Sur

The event, which is by invitation only, will take place from 12pm to 3pm. Following the event, the presentations will be available over the internet at

If you have any questions or if you would like an invitation to the Quiñenco Group Day event, please direct all inquiries to i-advize Corporate Communications at (212) 406-3690

Quiñenco S.A., a leading Chilean business conglomerate, is the controlling entity of a portfolio of companies involved in financial services, food and beverage, telecommunications, manufacturing and real estate and hotel administration.